Minor Procedures

Often a minor procedure is indicated but it is not necessary for it to be done in a hospital. The North Balwyn Eye Clinic has a well-equipped minor procedures room. This makes it cheaper and more convenient than scheduling a hospital visit. We have full sterile capability and even an operating microscope so that minor microsurgical procedures can also be performed.

Treatment for the wet form of macular degeneration has recently become available. This involves an injection into the eye (sounds painful but it’s not at all!). We are equipped to provide these injections on-site. Often they need to be repeated and doing them on-site allows much greater convenience for our patients as well as significant cost saving. Sometimes an angiogram is required to get authority for the drug to be injected and we can also provide this on-site. We have the latest digital angiography camera which gives instant images which can be interpreted on-the-spot.

In growing eyelashes can make life miserable. It is possible to kill the eyelash follicle with electrolysis. This is available on-site for those suitable.

Cysts and other lumps and bumps can usually be dealt with on the same day.