Aviation Ophthalmology

Dr Workman has been authorised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to perform eye examinations on civil air crew and air traffic controllers for over twenty years. He has completed the Australian Certificate in Aviation Medicine at Monash University. He also holds a private pilot’s licence.

Many aspiring pilots have had their eyes tested and their fitness to fly certified over the years. Now many are at the “sharp end” of the aeroplane!

It is important, before embarking on an expensive flying course, to have yours eyes tested to ensure that colour blindness will not prevent a successful career. It is not uncommon for someone with colour blindness to be unaware of it. The standards for visual function are strict and colour vision is part of this. Supplementary tests are available if the initial colour vision screening test is failed. There are only two or three of these supplementary tests (Farnsworth Lantern) available in Melbourne and Dr Workman has one.

Dr Workman has delivered lectures to the Australian Society of Aviation Medicine on different aspects of eye health relating to aviation He spent some years in the RAAF Specialist Reserve and also delivered lectures in military ophthalmology.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Aviation Medicals)