Diabetes is becoming more common. It can produce many problems in the body, but the most feared one is blindness. 

It has been estimated that if all diabetics had regular eye checks and appropriate treatment, then the incidence of diabetic blindness could be reduced by 98%.

All diabetics need their eyes checked at least every two years. Your doctor will be able to tell you if more frequent checks are required for your eyes. Adult onset diabetics need their eyes checked on diagnosis, but juvenile onset diabetics don't need their eyes checked until two years after diagnosis.

The North Balwyn Eye Clinic and Laser Centre offers fluorescein angiography on site. If laser treatment is required, this is also offered on site. Dr Mark McCombe is a retinal surgeon who specialises in diabetic retinopathy.

Photo of diabetic retinaPhoto of Diabetic Retina

Angiogram of Diabetic RetinaAngiogram of Diabetic Retina