Fluorescein (Retinal) Angiography


Just as a cardiac angiogram can show the doctor the state of the arteries and veins around the heart, so does a fluorescein angiogram show the state of the arteries and veins at the back of the eye. The only difference is that X-Rays are not required. It is possible to use a modified camera to take photos. We have just purchased the latest digital angiogram camera allowing instant interpretation of the angiogram.

A special dye is injected into a vein in the arm. A series of photographs are taken over a period of a few minutes, and the doctor can interpret these. The skin may be tinged yellow for a day or so and the urine also, but this shouldn't cause any difficulties.

Fluorescein angiography may be used in the diagnosis of macular degenerationdiabetic eye disease, and retinal vascular diseases such as retinal vein obstruction.

Blocked retinal veinBlocked retinal vein

Blocked retinal vein angiogramAngiogram of blocked retinal vein