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North Balwyn Eye Clinic & Laser Centre
North Balwyn Eye Clinic & Laser Centre

The North Balwyn Eye Clinic & Laser Centre was established by Dr David Workman in 1989. It has now become a well-respected centre of excellence in eye care, regularly attracting referrals from interstate and overseas, as well as serving the local community.

Our Mission is to optimise the visual health of our patients. We aim to be as accessible as possible both geographically and personally to allow our patients to enjoy the best visual health that is possible. By providing State-of-the-art medical and surgical eye care at reasonable cost we are able to reduce the impact of eye disease on our community, but, more importantly, by education, we hope to prevent as much of this eye disease as possible.

The Clinic now has five fully qualified eye specialists and is able to offer expert care in all aspects of eye health.

The Clinic was completely rebuilt in the year 2000. On-site parking is provided at the rear of the premises. The comfortable waiting room is child friendly with a dedicated play area with a tent to play in.

The North Balwyn Eye Clinic & Laser Centre is conveniently located on Doncaster Road (on the corner of Ellsa Street) near the Eastern freeway, making it very accessible from both the city and the eastern suburbs. Turn west off the freeway exit at Doncaster Road (away from Shoppingtown). This freeway serves a corridor 20 km long with access within about 15 minutes. Other suburbs are also easily accessible via Eastlink or other nearby major arterial roads. (Melway map reference 46 H2). See map. We can be contacted by phone or email.